Sunday, December 02, 2007

With Apologies to Undergraduates

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I wish I knew what all the options on the scale are, and where they lie. Is College better or worse than Genius? This is important, folks. I need to know whether I should improve my vocabulary or dumb myself down.


B.G. Christensen said...

And what's the deal with the "Get a cash advance" ad? Are they assuming that because I talk like a grad student I must be poor like one? Well, they're right. I am.

John Gustav-Wrathall said...

What the heck!

I'm a nitwit. Playa's is rated "Genius." Yours is "College Postgrad."

Mine is "Highschool."

I'm gonna turn my Ph.D. back in, and ask for a refund.

Craig said...

Jerk. I never understand a single word in your posts ever.

Stop being so high-faluting and whatnot.

Mine is High-school as well, and I admit to being rather distressed and embarrassed by that.

I really don't get how Playa's blog got deemed "genius" level...

I smell a cheat.

Cricket said...

I expected mine to be "pre-school" and was offended when it came up "High-school"

Stephalumpagus said...

I think I win. Mine's "Elementary School." I wasn't really surprised.

playasinmar said...

If anyone's doubting my Genius status you'll notice that mine doesn't say, "Get a Cash Advance," because I outsmarted it.

Anonymous said...

i earned a genius, must be my lower-case repudiation of rules, e e cummings and all that