Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Bounty

I will not lie to you; I love getting presents. I enjoy giving presents too, but mostly because I project how much I enjoy receiving them onto other people and so experience the joy of getting vicariously. When I was a kid I would take a picture each year of me with all the presents I'd gotten. I'll spare you the photo because we left our camera cord in Utah, but I'll make up for it with a thousand words listing my loot, all under the guise of public gratitude:
  • Thanks to my sisters, who got me and FoxyJ a gift certificate to a Peruvian restaurant in Orem and provided babysitting so we could enjoy the meal. You can never go wrong with food or free babysitting.
  • Thanks to my mom, who got me a Hawaiian Christmas CD by the Brothers Cazimero. It's quickly become a comfort CD, taking me back to the years when we'd listen to my mom's Cazimero Christmas tape over and over and over.
  • Thanks to my dad, who got us a very generous Wal-Mart gift card. We'll be braving the after-Christmas crowd tomorrow to use it. We still don't know what we'll get, but that's half the fun of a gift card--deciding what to spend it on.
  • Thanks to my brother (I think, but I realized tonight after throwing all the packing slips away that I'm not entirely sure all three Amazon.com boxes were from him, or any of them for that matter), who got me a CD and several books from my wishlist. He also got me The Simpsons Movie, which was not on my wishlist, so I can't imagine how he guessed I'd want it--perhaps the fact that I own the first ten seasons on DVD tipped him off.
  • Thanks to S-Boogie, who got me a Superman action figure. FoxyJ says she took S-Boogie to the action figure aisle and it was S-Boogie who found and chose which one to get. And this was before I decided to get a Superman figure for her. As it turns out, the Justice League Unlimited Superman figure S-Boogie chose is much more durable than the DC Direct collectible figure I chose, whose hands have both broken off already.
  • Thanks to FoxyJ, who got me an alarm clock (because she has appropriated my old one for herself) and an iTunes gift card, which I've used to buy The Essential Michael Jackson. It's a great collection of all his hits from the Jackson 5 days through Invincible. The only song I think I'll have to buy individually is "Scream," which I've always liked despite the disturbing image of Janet Jackson peeing in a urinal in the music video.
  • Thanks to everyone who got S-Boogie and Little Dude presents. It's been just as fun to see them enjoy new toys and clothes as it is for me to get presents myself.
I've realized this year that there are people who like to be surprised with gifts they didn't know they wanted and people who know what they want, and for the most part I am in the latter category. Not that I don't enjoy getting unexpected gifts; I absolutely love that FoxyJ thought to take S-Boogie down the action figure aisle to find a present for me, and that S-Boogie chose Superman. Seriously, do I not have the coolest wife and daughter in the world? But it is always very exciting for me to get books and CDs and DVDs from my Amazon.com wishlist, and equally exciting to receive gift cards. I spent an hour or two this afternoon deciding what to get with the iTunes card and hardly noticed the time pass because I was having so much fun. This likely says unflattering things about my personality, but oh well. I'm happy.

Merry Christmas to all! What was your favorite present this year?


Th. said...


This year I had the best of both: Multiple surprises off my wishlist. It was awesome.

[əɪ̯ wʌndɹ̟] said...

I bought that Michael Jackson album off of iTunes myself recently.

Love so much.

I have become addicted to purchasing music off of iTunes. Its so much cheaper than actually buying the CDs, and I just put the music on my iPod anyways. Steve Jobs is a genius.

santorio said...

it's a toss-up, either a weather station so i know how much rain is falling on my roof (though i could get the same information by taking a ruler down to the basement), or a board game: alhambra, maybe better than ticket to ride

Rebecca said...

I love being surprised with things I actually LIKE. Which is incredibly rare in my family, so I stick with a wishlist. I got a ton of movies this year (NEVER bad), my favorites of which are probably Little Miss Sunshine and Latter Days.

green mormon architect said...

Wow, I'm behind in my Google Reader...Favorite gift - MP3 player for the commute. Favorite gift I got myself - Batman Begins that I got for $1.99 at Target. My dad used to get himself a gift each Christmas, and that is a tradition that you don't let fall by the wayside!

Mr. Fob said...

That sounds like a tradition I need to adopt, GMP.

Curiously, are you the Mormon architect in Portland that I know or are you one that I don't know?

Mr. Fob said...

Oops, that would be GMA. I don't know who GMP is.

green mormon architect said...

xI'm the one you know. So, who's the one you don't know?

GMP is the Guaranteed Maximum Price contractors use for a building. It's also the airport code for Gimpo International in Korea...but I've never met either of them.

Mr. Fob said...

I'm pretty sure Guaranteed Maximum Price is the one I don't know.