Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Letter Betwee M ad O

There's a letter o my keyboard that does't work lately. You have to press it really hard to make it work, ad more ofte tha ot that requires goig back ad retypig a word or a etire setece because I do't otice util a while later that it did't make it oto the scree. It's a big pai, really. I've cosidered simply droppig the letter from my repertoire, but the problem is that the ctrl ad shift keys are o the way out too. This may or may ot have somethig to do with the little perso who bags her fists o the keyboard o a daily basis.

...I fid it hugely iroic that while typig this post That Key has bee workig just fie ad I've had to delete the letter as I go i order to preserve the gag.


Th. said...


We considered buying a keyboard for the Big O to bang on whenever he likes. (or, more accurately, buying a new keyboard for me and letting O have the one he loves)

Then we inherited one.

He has never played with it once.

While banging however, the Big O has discovered things that Word can do that I had never imagined.

svoid said...

It just so happens that my employer is doing some spring cleaning and there are currently about 300 keyboards sitting right outside of my office waiting to be surplused. I will see if I can snag one for you.

Mrs. Hass-Bark said...

I like banging on a keyboard, too. But usually in order to get a blog entry or a paper to form itself from the banging.

Jokey Smurf said...

Hey, I just came to realize that you are the author of that excellent article I've shown several friends when I've come out to them. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource. I plan to give it to my current girlfriend when I finally explain the situation, should it get that far.

I had a day when the "g" and "h" were switched on my keyboard after my roommate cleaned it. You'd think I'd be a good enough typist to just not look at the key board, but no. Everything came out all wrong that whole day. I could not figure out what was going on.