Saturday, August 27, 2005


I have survived my first two days as a part-time instructor at UVSC. More than survived, in fact: I enjoy it. A lot. And there's a distinct possibility that my students enjoy me as well. (Which is, of course, my number one goal--to be liked.)

It was really random chance that got me this job--first the fact that I (unjustly) didn't get the full-time position I've applied for four times now at the library; then the encouragement of the girl who did get the position, who because of her new full-time status at the library would no longer be teaching part-time at UVSC, leaving them even more desperate than they already were; and finally the fact that I was going out of town when they wanted to interview me and, due to said desperation, they went ahead and hired me without an interview. (Not that I wouldn't have gotten the job if I had to do an interview, just that this was a much more pleasant way to get the job.)

Taking everything into consideration, this seems almost heaven-sent. I refuse to believe that my bosses were inspired by God to not give me a position for which I am not only more than qualified but in fact the most qualified applicant, but, the way I see it, God is good at making lemonade. Especially if you're willing to drink it.

The kind of scary thing about liking the lemonade so much is that I fear I'll have to go back to school to get a doctorate so I can do the professor thing full-time. I've been pretty decided for the last couple years that if I did any school beyond my master's, it would be an online MLS program, not a four- to six-year PhD program. Argh.

Well, we're only two days into it. If I'm patient, maybe by the end of the semester I'll hate teaching.


FoxyJ said...

Very well said--I think that God generally lets us run our own lives, but is always there to help smooth things out for us as much as He can (and as much as we are willing to accept the help).

Th. said...


Yes, two days is two only two days.

But I'm glad you're liking it.

svoid said...

Congratulations on the new job. That's way cool! I can't believe that they hired you without an interview. I wish that I could have skipped some interviews in my life :)

Tolkien Boy said...

You're feeling optimistic now...just wait till you get a sample of student writing...bwa ha ha ha ha ha.

No, just kidding. It's the best part of teaching. Trust me. :D

Anonymous said...

Having lately entered the world of blogdom, I would like to take this belated opportunity to remind you that Indiana University Bloomington has a top-20 English department, a top-5 MLS program, and lots and lots of money to fund their grad students. Also it's beautiful, and let's not forget the naked statues.