Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Solemn Occasion

This evening FoxyJ brought my attention to the fact that 2009 marks the 75th anniversary of a very important event that forever changed the world: the invention of briefs. As you can read about in this press release (with informational video!), in 1934, the underwear company that would later become Jockey created a new style of men's underwear, inspired by French bathing suits, and then there was no turning back. We here at the Fobcave salute you, Jockey, for your outstanding contribution to humanity--especially the manity part of it.


Th. said...


I wonder how the model felt, modeling these skimpy new French things.

Samantha said...

Why does he wear shoes with his underwear? How will he get his pants on over his shoes? Why does the waistband extend to his ribs? Can you still buy briefs that go up that high? Why isn't there a peek-a-boo flap? What is he doing with his hands? Why is my word verification "lintythug"?

Samantha said...

New comment which says nothing so I can check the "Email follow-up" box

Mr. Fob said...

Th.: I imagine he felt very sexy. That's how I'd feel.

Samantha: 1. To keep his feet warm. 2. Perhaps he has a military background. I understand they're trained to accomplish such feats. 3. To keep his belly button warm. 4. No. Human beings have evolved such that we no longer need our underwear to warm our belly buttons. 5. If you'd watched the video, you'd know that the Y-fly wasn't invented until a few years later. Probably after men complained about having accidents while trying to pull that high waistband down. 6. Isn't it obvious? 7. You're the lintiest thug I know.

Samantha: This is not a comment.