Saturday, October 04, 2008


Because I have things to say that very few people who read this blog care about and because some other things I have to say can potentially do more good if said elsewhere, I've expanded my blogging venues. I've started a blog about comics and related geeky goodness which I don't anticipate anyone here will be interested in but I hope will find an audience elsewhere, and I've begun contributing to the blog, which is where the majority of my LGBT-related thoughts will now be going. The blog is just one part of, a massive site of LGBT resources that Scot is putting together with a little help from me and a few other friends. I've been working (slowly) on helping to organize the library of articles Scot has put together, and this morning I published my first post on the blog. Among other things, the post explains a small change I've just made to the About Me text in the sidebar here. -->

The Fobcave, meanwhile, won't change much. It will be the repository of all the "everything else" things I feel like blogging about, which is pretty much what it's always been.


Scot said...

I'm just glad the HR department at has a B now in our large workforce; it will keep the diversity Nazis off our backs for a while.

Really, thank you so much for your help. It's been slow growing but it's growing.

(ug, though, I need to make another link graphic for people who have gradients on their blog sidebar)

playasinmar said...

"Arguments like Ron’s require one to “speculate” that homosexuals
who don’t support the desired conclusions “were likely bisexual.” My goodness, Ron, I’ve just barely come to terms with being gay, and now you’re asking me to deal with the possibility that I might be, “in reality,” bisexual? I’m not sure my self-image can withstand this much turbulence."


Mr. Fob said...

Scot: Is that why I couldn't get one that looks right? I even tried the black background ones and couldn't get those to stop looking funny.

Playa: Yeah, that line was definitely on my mind while I was writing yesterday. I guess I can take the self-image turbulence now. :)

Scot said...

Is that why I couldn't get one that looks right?

It's because I made them all transparent thinking they could then work with either a light or dark background... but then neutrals and gradients look bad.

So, I made the first 3 link images with no transparency. Learning as we go :-).

Mr. Fob said...

I like. Now it matches the others.

playasinmar said...

I didn't realize before know but I've been studying you. I didn't mean too but between your blog, your essays, and position as community lighting rod it was unavoidable.

And know I realize I've been studying fobology. I have reference materials and everything!

Is that weird?

Mr. Fob said...

I am flattered--both by your pioneering work in the burgeoning field of Fobology and by your description of me as "community lightning rod." If I ever go into porn I'll use that as my stage name.