Sunday, May 11, 2008

For The Record

A conversation at the grocery store this morning at 6:30:

CLERK: Okay, here's a trivia question.
MR. FOB: Um. Okay.
CLERK: What's the name of Donald Duck's fiancée?
MR. FOB: Daisy?
CLERK: (Overjoyed) No! Daisy is his cousin. His fiancée is Daffy!

I didn't argue because it was 6:30 and because I don't argue with people I don't know, at least not in person. But let it be known publicly in my passive-aggressive way that he was wrong and I was right. Daisy is Donald's girlfriend; Daffy is a male duck, which in theory would allow him to be Donald's fiancé (I didn't hear whether the clerk was pronouncing one or two e's), except that Daffy is owned by Warner Brothers and Donald by Disney. Not even Romeo and Juliet were that star-crossed.


Rebecca said...

I would love to see you confront this guy with all this completely random information. Just walk in, and be all, "FOR YOUR INFORMATION..." Have someone record it and post it on your blog.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Maybe he's gay.

And hasn't there been some cross-over between Disney and WB before?

ambrosia ananas said...

Hahaha. This makes me happy.

Katya said...

What, no tag for

150 __ Donald Duck (Fictitious character)


Mr. Fob said...

Rebecca: If you truly believe that is possible, either you haven't been paying attention or I've misrepresented myself here.

Kreig: I believe Donald and Daffy had a piano-playing showoff in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, so it wouldn't surprise me if there have been others.

Brozy: Anything to make you happy.

Katya: I imagine that is a valid heading, but I try to limit myself to headings I'm likely to use more than once. But then, anything is possible.