Friday, June 09, 2006

Reasons Why It's Petty and Ridiculous of Me to Feel My Thunder Has Been Stolen

  • Daniel and Jay are cool guys. They are way more articulate than I would be on film, and they are way more involved in gay Mormon issues. I know it's important to them to get people thinking and talking about what it means to be gay and Mormon, and hopefully them being on Nightline will forward that cause.
  • Even though I'm sure that when Nightline initially expressed interest in interviewing me and Foxy J, they thought it would be a great idea to interview a real life "Brokeback marriage" (an inaccurate term in several ways), in reality we wouldn't have been very interesting. It would have gone something like this:
    • Nightline: What's it like being gay, Mormon, and married?
    • Master Fob: Hm. It's, well, it's pretty much like being straight, Mormon, and married. Not much is different about our lives. We're happy. No one persecutes us, no one hates us, no one tells us we're doing the wrong thing. Despite my paranoia, I've never experienced any judging from gays or Mormons. People are pretty happy to let us be. I mean, sure, I'm annoyed by some of the Church's policies and actions toward homosexuals, but it's not like any of that really affects me.
    • Foxy J: I like Fobby. We're happy.
    • Master Fob: Isn't our baby cute?
    • Crickets: Chirp.
  • Daniel and Jay are much more representative than Foxy and I, I think, of the conflict of being gay and Mormon.
  • What if, while they were interviewing us, Foxy's placenta had ruptured? That would have been embarrassing.
Still, though, they could have used some of the footage from FHEfamily with me and Streetguy whispering rudely in the back. Oh well. At least Streetguy's grandparents won't see him on national television at a gay issues group.


elbow said...

That video is so crazy!!! I can't believe what a whirlwind of beliefs this is.
I respect all of those men for sharing, but I would have reall liked to have your side of what it is like to be gay and mormon to be represented.

Erin aka- absent-minded secretary said...

Your feelings aren't ridiculous. I kinda know how you feel. The first time that I went to a suicide prevention fundraiser where I wasn't the "sibling survivor spokesperson" I felt all sorts of feelings ranging from pettiness and inadequacy to even betrayal. And I felt stupid about my feelings because I don't enjoy being the "sibling survivor spokesperson," and the thought of being on camera usually throws me into a partial nervous breakdown.

If you want to, I am sure that you and FoxyJ will have another chance, that has been my experience with media. Maybe it will be better later, you will have thought about how you want to present things, and the timing will be better for you both no worrying about placentas and such.

And Word Verification thinks that I am right: qdFOBv

Th. said...


Well. I'm glad I didn't buy that television after all.

Tolkien Boy said...

Oh, death to the whole system. You guys would have been ten times more interesting. Why do you think I hang out with you all the time?

The trouble with going public with your relationship is that it often breaks up shortly after it's publicized. It's one of the perverse laws of the universe.

Unless, of course, you're married.

Advantage: Fobs.

-L- said...

Not a big fan of that segment. Might even describe it thusly: Exceeding pain.

The end.

Jason Lockhart said...

Uhh, I'm pretty sure you guys would've been great. Really.

Also, if Foxyj's placenta had ruptured, it would have been sensational and kind of peripheral to the actual title of their piece, and then Nightline for sure would have used it.

Melyngoch said...

I hate you and you're doing the wrong thing Stupid gay Mormons! What, you think you're born gay? Or maybe you think you're born Mormon?

(I thought a little persecution might be helpful in future media opportunities.)

TK said...
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TK said...

Sorry - off topic, but I keep meaning to ask - what's that little wheelchair symbol by the word verification? I never noticed it until recently. Is that referring to my physical handicap, or my mental one - b/c I hardly ever get the word verification right the first time!!! :)

TK said...
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Th. said...


Hey? Was that Melengoch? I've been wondering if she's still around....

el veneno said...

So the Placenta comment honestly had me Laughing Out Loud (LOL)... yeah, I'm glad when I see stuff like that Nightline spot to know that the gay mormon comes in many colors.

skyeJ said...

Just have to say, I LOVE it when anchors from Nightline interpret the dooctrine of my church for me. I love how the doctrine is inflexible, too. What about polygamy? I like that they ended by saying that it's up to God who "gets into" heaven and who doesn't. The entire point, right?? I would've liked to have seen Fobby and FoxyJ on there, but that's just cause I like those guys a lot. ;-)