Friday, December 30, 2005

By a Nose Hair

Hours of stress, reams of wasted paper because of formatting booboos, $95 for acpplication fees and $27.30 for postage later, I have guaranteed (according to the United States Postal Service) that my application to the University of Washington's English PhD program will arrive tomorrow by noon (two days before the deadline) and my application to the University of Hawai'i's English PhD program will arrive Sunday by noon (the day of the deadline). Now I just have to finish getting my application for UW's MLIS program ready by January 15th (and hopefully soon enough before then that I don't need to pay for express shipping again), and then if none of those three programs wants to give me money to go to their school, I'll apply to UH's MLIS program (whose deadline is April 15th).

(I love parentheses.)


Cricket said...

Good luck, my man!!

Melyngoch said...

IU's application fee is only $40. I think it would have been more fiscally responsible to apply there.

But I expect you'll get into one of those other not-Indiana places anyhow.

Tolkien Boy said...

How I hate the application process.
Hate. Hate. HATE.

I am full of hate, as the day is full of sunshine.

editorgirl said...

Which is interesting, since it's RAINING.

(Me too.)

Th. said...


I hate it to.

ps: When is Foxy J's degree work done?

Th. said...


Oh, what an embararrassing spelling error!

Th. said...